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Novelty Guns, Inc - Policies and Terms

Charging Your Account

     Shipping charges will be applied to your account when your order is processed by NoveltyGuns - Your Account will NOT be charged until the order is packed & ready to ship - at this time you will receive a Charge Receipt from via email,  followed by a USPS tracking number from

All Orders over $100.00 will be insured using insurance & will required a adult signature to receive the package, there will be a USPS Fee added to your account for this service.


     Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail, we only ship within the continental U.S. .  Shipping charges will be applied to your account when your order is processed.  Rapid-Fire-Triggers will ship free when stated - Due to high-volume- Please allow 1 to 4 weeks to process your order. (depending on location to be shipped to).

All products listed in any of our online stores are limited quantities

Back Orders

                        Backordered Items are shipped as soon as possible - To check item availability please call 770-841-7198 ( Mon -Fri 9 to 5 ET.)

           Backorders:  If item is out of stock.  Backorders are automatically shipped upon receipts of merchandise.  Please e-mail if you wish to cancel any backordered merchandise. Any order or Backorder not shipped within 8 weeks of the order date will automatically be deleted from our system, we will not process any order or Backorder over 8 weeks old..

Making and Processing Payments


Paypal Not Accepted - We do NOT accept paypal payments for firearms, magazines & clips over 10 rds or any assault weapon part / gun related item ban in CA.

Paypal Accepted - We will accept paypal payments for most items that are not ban in CA - please call 770-841-7198 or email for info details to make a paypal payment.

Domestic Payments

Domestic: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Prepayment are accepted.  All orders purchased by credit card will be shipped to cardholder's address only.

Payments - For Websites, Online and Retail Shoppers - make payments to / and processed by "Novelty Guns"

Payments - For Firearms,  Dealers and Wholesale Items - make payments to / and processed by "Novelty Guns"

Prepayment options: Money Order, Personal Check** or Certified Check only.  No C.O.D.'s (Cash On Delivery) will be mailed. 

Send all payments to:


P.O. Box  68

Oxford, GA, 30054

**Personal checks will require a 2 week holding period prior to shipment of products purchased.

International sales:   At this time, we are not engaging in international sales due to complex laws and regulations concerning firearms and their accessories.


     All prices are subject to change without prior notice. All products will be shipped at prices in effect at time of purchase.

Private & Secure

      Private - All your Information is secure and private - We do not sell or offer your information to anyone.

Shipping Returns / Exchange / Refund Policy

     If a package is not deliverable due to a change of address by the customer or customer not at home (out of town, on vacation, etc.) and the package is returned, there will be a 15% restocking fee and customer will pay all shipping charges. Items returned due to our error will be corrected and sent back ASAP. Merchandise returned for exchange will be charged 15% and shipping/handling again. All items returned for credit/refund are subjected to a 15% restocking fee. Returns must be accompanied with a copy of the invoice, within 10-days. Returns must be in original packaging and in resalable condition. Enclosed a brief letter of explanation. We do not accept returns on Gun Manuals, Books, Instructions or Printed Items - Because there easy to copy & read to obtain the info needed. All returns must be prepaid: No COD's accepted.

     For a prompt exchange/refund, return all merchandise to: Novelty Guns, Inc @ /

NoveltyGuns - P.O. Box  68 - Oxford, GA, 30054


Tracking Numbers

     All packages shipped will have a United States Postal Service tracking number. Once the package(s) has been shipped thru, you (the customer) may request a U.S.P.S. tracking number.  It is the customers responsibility to track package's) sent to them.  If for any reason the customer cannot locate the package(s) after attempting to track, then we will try to locate the package for you.

Return Policy

     After receiving a shipment, if you find that an error was made ( the product was obviously defective or not what you ordered ) please e-mail us at:  with your explanation of the problem.  You will receive a return letter via e-mail with a return authorization number and instructions for exchanging your merchandise, or if you wish, the item's value will be credited towards your next purchase. However, we will not give any refunds.

   Damaged Goods

    Items damaged during shipment: contact carrier immediately. Keep all shipping materials { boxes packing lists, labels, and merchandise included in the shipment } They will assist you.

Warranty / Defective Merchandise

     We are not a warranty repair station.  Warranty repairs must be returned to the manufacturer. All products carry a MANUFACTURER WARRANTY against defects in material or workmanship. Please return all defective merchandise directly to manufacture for repair or replacement.


     Warning!! Certain products on this website are dangerous, and injury or death may result from carelessness or misuse.  The purchaser/user must read and follow instructions provided by the manufacturer.   Purchaser is responsible for checking all state and local laws before purchasing.

Hi-Capacity Magazine Policy

  • CALIFORNIA = No sales of magazines exceeding 10rds capacity.  COLORADO = No sales of magazines exceeding 15rds capacity.  CONNECTICUT = No sale of magazines.  HAWAII = No sales of pistol magazines exceeding 10rds capacity.  ILLINOIS = No magazines in Cook County, IL even with FOID.   MASSACHUSETTS = No sales of magazines exceeding 10rds.  MARYLAND = no sales of magazines exceeding 10 rds capacity.   NEW JERSEY = No sales of magazines exceeding 15rds capacity.  NEW YORK = No sales of magazines.  WASHINGTON DC = No mags over 10 rd.

NOTE: - Novelty Guns, Inc / is not responsible for typographical errors.

Check BBB Rating - Novelty Guns, Inc  w/ Better Business Bureau


 Novelty Guns, Inc.  Federal Firearm License   -

FFL License # 1 - 58 - XXX - XX - XX - 02817  - FFL License Type  01 Dealer - Expires 03/01/2015


Novelty Guns, Inc.  

Novelty Guns, Inc is a U.S Trademark & HeadQuarters of - -

Federal Firearms Dealer, Importer, Manufacture, Wholesaler & Retailer of Quality Gun Parts

We do not do Firearm Transfers! - Need a Firearm - Get a Quote - Check Stock & Prices - We Ship Firearms to FFL Dealers Only!


Novelty Guns, Inc.

Call - 770-841-7198

P.O. Box 68, Oxford, GA 300054

 email -

 Attn: Dealers - "Wholesale Gun Parts & RapidFire Triggers"- $100.00 min order! - for pricing or to place a order, send a FFL or Business Permit...

 The Noveltyguns gangster is shooting down high prices !

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