INSTRUCTIONS - Lace pad on stock - leave lace just a little loose - Allign the top seam  on pad with the top edge of rifle stock on opposite side - Pull lace tight & tie - add 2 small screws in grommet holes provide if needed - screws not included -  On Enfields, Some Rifles & ShotGuns - You may have to lace around sling swivel and/or fold back nylon that is under lacing for sling swivel to move freely.

"Lace On" Cheek Piece - "Lace On" - Padded Nylon - w/ 1" Cheek Piece has Brass Grommets - Fits Wood Stock -  A emormously helpful accessory which can be used effectivley with Older U.S. Service Rifles as well as a whole range of Europen Millitary rifles, Enfields, Mausers, Mosins, M-1 Carbines,  Mossberg 500 - Military Shotguns, SKS, etc...- Softens recoil to cheek and helps correct your line of sight when using a high profile Scope Mount or Rings. Cheek Piece makes your shooting more comfortable and enjoyable, takes the punishment out of shooting high power rifles -  Easy to install - Just Lace on - Has 2 Grommets for screws - screws not included.

Cheek-Piece - Cheek-Rest

  Fits Most Military Rifles & Shotguns w/Wood Stock


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